When Friends Become Litigants – Debt Recovery

16, October 2020

Careful planning shortens the litigation process

Initial Enquiry

A client came to Harbourside Legal Commercial Services seeking help. His prized possession–a vintage car–had originally cost our client a substantial amount of money for restoration. A mechanic used to assist with some modifications, parked the car resulting in damage. The client and mechanic were actual friends, and the mechanic requested the client to provide a quote to repair the damage to the vehicle. Upon being provided with the quote, the mechanic decided not to pay and attempted to avoid liability. Our client made a request for action.

The Process

In order not to inflame an already difficult situation, lawyers sent a ‘soft’ Letter of Demand asking the mechanic to honour his agreement and to pay for the expenses to repair and restore the vehicle. The mechanic declined and lawyers immediately began recovery proceedings in the Local Court (Small Claims Division).

The Outcome

Harbourside expert lawyers meticulously compiled evidence for court. Magistrates took just one sitting based on the submissions and took just one day to reach a positive outcome for the client.  The result left the client ecstatic and both the costs of his vehicle restoration, and our legal costs, being awarded in full.

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