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When you are seeking the services of a debt recovery lawyer, ensure you make the right choice and gain advice and guidance from an expert. Harbourside Legal Commercial provides comprehensive support across the entire Sydney area.

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Recovering a debt owed to you or disputing money that you have been demanded to pay requires an expert debt recovery lawyer. Harbourside Legal Commercial Lawyers can support you at every step of the process. We have systems set in place to begin the process immediately call now to discuss, and often results can be obtained within a matter of days.

Above all, our debt recovery process and services are superior in the marketplace. Efficient client onboarding means your debt recovery matter will commence within 24-hours of engagement and the minimum service level for initial call-back is less than four hours (always on the same day of enquiry).  Additionally, we offer fixed-fee debt recovery services starting at very competitive prices. Our expert lawyers can manage the process from initial engagement all the way through the court proceedings if required.

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In summary, a quick response rate will mean that we add value to your business, giving you experience-backed advice and support to ensure you make the smartest, most profitable decisions for your company. We do this quickly and professionally!

What is debt recovery?

Chasing for payment from a customer can often be a challenging exercise. Normally, there are relationships to consider and preserve, as well as general goodwill. However, goods and services have been provided and so payment should be a normal and expected part of the commercial transaction.

The impact of late payments to small businesses in Australia exceeds $115 billion a year, with half of all invoices for goods or services paid later than terms that are originally granted. So, when it comes to debt recovery, use an expert debt recovery lawyer to assist you; and an expert firm that understands the process and the potential impact on your business. Remember, debt recovery doesn’t have to be a punitive event, but it should enable both parties to explore intention and align expectations.

To clarify, debt recovery is the process a debt recovery lawyer will use to recover unpaid invoices (or debt) through legal proceedings.

Key Considerations

Below are some basic items to consider. Ensure that you research and negotiate prior to commencing the debt recovery.

  • An agreement for a customer to pay
  • The delivery of a service or product
  • Issuance of an invoice in accordance with the agreement
  • Has the payment period (terms) expired?
  • An attempt to reclaim money owing.

Above all, it is important to know that there is not a ‘one size fits all approach to debt recovery. Use an expert – call Harbourside Legal Commercial today.

Disputing Debt – Using a Debt Recovery Lawyer

If you receive a Letter of Demand or Statement of Claim for a debt that you believe is not genuinely owing, it is important that you respond in the appropriate way! For instance, using Harbourside Legal Commercial Lawyers will enable you to prepare a suitable response as quickly as possible. In other words, failure to respond using legal representation can have some serious consequences which may affect your credit rating and ongoing trading stability.

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When facing debt recovery proceedings, it is essential to act. Therefore, make sure you have appropriate and well-measured steps in place. Filing a suitable and timely defence is key to protect you and your business from having to pay debts that you should not be required to pay.

Equally important, if the debt is overdue and you require debt recovery services, call Harbourside Legal Commercial and speak with an expert debt recovery lawyer. Furthermore, the process can commence immediately and with little cost; the results are almost instant leaving you time to get on doing the important things – like running your business!

In conclusion, don’t be in the dark again about the options available to you and your business. Start a conversation with an expert debt recovery lawyer today to learn how we can help you make the next decision. After all, with certainty, you can take informed action.

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What is the procedure involved in debt recovery?
Firstly, contact a Harbourside Legal Commercial expert debt recovery lawyer today, for a FREE consultation. You will be informed of the entire process, all available options and what fees are involved (don’t forget to ask about our fixed-fee solution)
Is debt recovery the same for every type of business?
Generally, yes however there are exceptions notably in the building and construction business sector where debt recovery is governed by legislation (for example in NSW this is the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 1999). Click Here for a brief overview by the department of fair trading.