Quick turn-around in a problematic case – Partner visa (subclass 820/801)

The importance of obtaining correct advice and presenting all arguments and material when an application is lodged, cannot be understated.

Importance of correct immigration advice and comprehensive work


Initial enquiry

Our client initially came to Harbourside Legal Services seeking assistance with an immigration matter due to an error by a former representative; one that left a family in a very unstable situation. The client was on a Bridging visa A, after lodging an application for a second visitor visa in Australia to spend more time with her Australian citizen partner. Unfortunately, her child was not added onto the visitor visa application which resulted in the child ceasing to hold any kind of visa in Australia. The client contacted the office for a second opinion; a strategy to move forward and rectify the situation was provided.

The Process

As the client was in a long-term relationship with an Australian citizen, advice given was to lodge a Partner visa and withdraw the pending visitor visa to avoid a refusal. As the visa was going to be lodged whilst the client and her daughter did not hold a substantive visa in Australia (which is a visa other than a bridging visa), the applicant was required to meet additional criteria known as Schedule 3 (contact Harbourside Legal Services to lean more). The client made contact with a Solicitor within 28 days of her last substantive visa expiring. Action was taken immediately, and the Solicitor worked closely with the client to rectify her daughter’s visa status in Australia; and to lodge a partner visa application.

The Outcome

Due to the quick and comprehensive legal work on the application at time of lodgment of the visa application, the visa was granted in less than 6 months. This is well above the average processing time of 25 months and the clients were able to continue living together as a family without any stress.

It is important that when lodging visa applications in Australia, an applicant must obtain the correct advice and have a plan of action with expert guidance; this increases the prospects of success. Brett Slater Solicitors were able to apply for the application, with all material required, in order for the Department to make a quick assessment.

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