Advanced Care Directives. Aged Care – Understanding Why Preparation Is Important.

Advanced Care Directives

Making end-of-life plans isn’t necessarily the most positive conversation to have with someone but it can be a humbling process. Advanced Care Directives enable these discussions to be, perhaps, a little easier to have; especially when the person isn’t a family member.

Ageing is inevitable. Getting older is something that each and every one of us experiences in many aspects of our daily lives; family, friends, colleagues – even strangers sometimes! Each day we live a little bit more and we are on a journey of borrowed time. A reality we forget sometimes…until the end is nigh.

So, let’s look at Advanced Care Directives and understand a little more about what they are.

An Advanced Care Directive is a document that sets out a person’s end-of-life plan. We complete them in case of a catastrophic incident, illness or a debilitating condition such as a stroke. Furthermore, an Advanced care Directive is unique to an individual and applies in such circumstances or events whereby the person is no longer capable of expressing what they would like to happen, in the unfortunate event that their end-of-life is approaching.

An Advanced Care Directive enables a Guardian (individually or State-appointed), to know and respect an individual’s view on:

  • Life Support
  • Resuscitation
  • Medication
  • Preservation of Life; and
  • Funeral Arrangements

Why Is It Important To Have an Advanced Care Directive?

Sounds a bit flash and fancy doesn’t it…’ Advanced Care Directive’ but have a think about it for just a moment.

A loved one is displaying signs of age and you are unaware of their wishes in the event of a decline in health. You don’t really want to discuss it – and understandably so – given the deep, emotional attachment to the individual.

Alternatively, you’re a professional appointed as an Enduring Guardian (to add to your current appointment of Enduring Power of Attorney). You are unaware of your client’s personal situation and as such, you need to know your client’s wishes, should their health deteriorate.

It happens…you get a call. What do you do now?

To know more about this subject and to discuss it with someone who has experienced this very aspect of life, contact us today. We can help you alleviate the stress, anxiety and concern making you better prepared before and after the fact.

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