Lee Seigenberg (MIPA, AFA, MIoD),

Group General Manager

Throughout his career in Financial Services and Asset-Based Lending, Lee has held a number of senior management positions and has served as a Director for several SMEs in England, Europe and Australia. He completed his formal education in finance, accounting, legal studies and compliance and corporate governance; achieving the highest ever grade in the industry examinations and achieving the top FDA student award in England and Wales.

Between 2000 and 2007, Lee successfully established several outsourced servicing companies to assist leading Banks and Financiers with Audit, Due Diligence and Risk Management services, whilst concurrently providing private equity and venture capital products to SME’s through Geneva, Switzerland.

After arriving in Australia in 2007, Lee was appointed by a leading non-bank lender to develop a debtor finance product for Australian SMEs. His in-depth knowledge and experience in Credit, Risk and Relationship Management as well as Compliance and Corporate Governance was highly valued. His tenure continued managing the Assurance team and working closely with Legal Stakeholders to develop and implement AML/CTF compliance and APP Privacy policies and reporting across the Group.

Over the last four years, Lee has served as a Partner and Director in the Accounting, Taxation and Advisory sector and developed a Referral Partner Network to deliver a range of financial services to the Australian Market. Recently, Lee also trained as a Legal Mediator with The College of Law in Sydney.

Today, Lee is responsible for leading the growth and development of HLS’s entire suite of products and services, whilst providing management support and strategic planning across the Harbourside Legal Group.